Storage in Spain.


Self-storage offers a pre contracted unit which the client must decide on ahead of time, and depending on the rates charged often the units are on a high levels accessible via lift and depending on their availability you may have a bit of a walk to reach your unit.
Given the unit is for your sole use only, this can give the sense that your goods are in a more secure and private area, however you are also responsible for the whole process of transporting the goods to the facility, ensuring that the goods are correctly packed and protected from humidity or dust, unloading / loading, insurance and securing them in the unit.


One of the key advantages of self-storage is that your goods are more readily accessible and facilities are often open 7 days a week. Facilities are staffed and managed, and some may offer extras such as temperature-controlled units and the ability to access your things 24/7.

Cost – Self storage:

Self-storage is normally the most expensive option. Although the storage facility may feel big, given the format of the units more often than not the facility is only able to use around 70% of the warehouse space meaning that meter for meter the storage charges are generally more expensive on a monthly basis.
When you take into account the initial outlay costs these companies have had to pay for the construction and elevated running costs as well as the lost space in corridors lifts etc… the general study is that over a prolonged period of time you can end up paying more than double the amount of money you could have paid to a removal company to store your goods!
Another thing to watch out for is that self-storage companies often offer a discount for an introductory period, after which the price can rise significantly.

Container storage / warehouse storage.

Containerized storage offers storage for your possessions in individual containers, which are usually stacked and placed in a warehouse inside a secure industrial estate or compound.

Cost – container storage:

Unlike with self-storage, there are none of the additional overheads to factor in. Warehouses can also be used to fuller capacity, with some utilising around 90% of the available space for actual storage. This all helps to make the cost of container storage much lower on average than the typical self-storage option. Not to mention in many cases the warehouse is often used for the day to day running of the moving company such as storage packing materials, unloading of client’s moves and general day to day operations meaning that the overheads of the warehouse are not solely based on the storage.

Additional services:

Another major advantage of using container storage is that you have the moving company available to collect and pack your goods as well as delivering them once you are ready to receive them, this way you will have one point of contact making things less stressful and more convenient and avoids the need to contract 2 or 3 companies to collect or deliver your goods.

Part of the package:

An established removals company, such as Global Relocations, will be able to offer you secure storage to suit your needs. Generally speaking they should be able to offer a competitive storage rate for the duration of your storage requirement, a rate that will remain the same until you decide to come out of storage.
If you do need to access your goods this can also be arranged, however unlike the self-storage facility normally there a small access charge is levied as you will need to be accompanied into the warehouse and in many cases the removals company will need to be the ones who unload your goods for you for insurance reasons.


Arranging storage through your removals company also means that you’ll be dealing with trained professionals who are used to handling, transporting and storing your prized possessions, helping to take the stress and hard work off your hands, and reducing the risk of any damage (either to yourself, or your possessions!)
An experienced, Removals Company will also be able to provide packing materials (including strong, quality boxes and tape). Which are normally of a high quality and much better than the ones sold at self-storage facilities or hardware stores alike.
In addition to this you will also have the option to contract the packing and collection service from the company directly as mentioned before.

Think about your access needs:

When choosing a storage option, it’s helpful to ask yourself how often, and for what purpose, you really think you would need to access your things.
The more limited access offered by container storage means it that it’s not always as easy to gain access to your goods, 24 hours a day.
However, for most people, once they have put their things into storage and closed the door, they won’t actually require constant access to them until the time comes to move them on, so in reality this wouldn’t normally be much of an issue.
In closing then, for most people the significantly higher costs involved in self-storage tend to outweigh the benefits of full accessibility. Making use of the storage facilities provided by your removal company offers a simple, no-fuss, cost-effective option for taking care of your worldly goods, in between moves.