Moving internationaly

Inevitably, any type of move produces a degree of stress. Packing all the furniture and belongings, looking for a transport company, as well as managing the transfer so that everything arrives at the right time, are some of the most overwhelming tasks of any move.

If we add to this the fact that the transfer is international, the tension generated is usually greater because other factors that do not depend on us come into play in international moving.

This is the case of issues related to customs, the need to pay greater attention to packaging in addition to taking into account the time limits, in the event that the transfer is necessarily executed by sea or air.

International and moving

Luckily, there are organizations specialized in international moving, such as Global, a relocation company in Madrid that is in charge of managing any move from a comprehensive point of view to offer a door-to-door transfer service, while taking care of the management of all the necessary procedures for customs clearance.

We promise to collect your furniture at your current residence and move it to the new destination with full guarantee using quality packaging.

If you wish, you can have a shipping insurance policy for greater peace of mind. In addition, our insurance coverage is international, which is an extra guarantee for your belongings and those of your whole family.

International and moving
International moving

Your company specialized in international moving

At Global International we have been carrying out natinal as well as international moving for more than 35 years. This extensive experience provides us with the ability to manage transfers, removals in Spain as well as offering relocation services and carrying out different procedures related to immigration.

Tasks that become arduous and cumbersome if you do not know the steps and procedures that must be taken to carry them out effectively.

Having warehouses and offices located in different parts of Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, provides us with great operability when managing moves and transfers of a certain volume that, together with our own fleet of vehicles as well as a system of containers and Own carpentry of custom wooden boxes, offers a plus of guarantee to our clients.

Internationaly moving

Our efficiency when it comes to making charges for all types of transfers, as well as the excellent treatment we provide, has made us the best-valued relocation company nationwide in Google, obtaining the highest possible score.

Taking into account that the management of international moving implies having a large number of factors external to all companies, this qualification can only mean one thing: the great commitment that we at Global have with each and every one of our clients, thanks to which we get your maximum satisfaction.

Because we know that a move is much more than the transfer of furniture and belongings, but that it is the key so that you and your family can enjoy that great change with maximum comfort and minimum worries.

Internationaly moving