Your treasured possessions are at high risk in the wrong hands during an international move. Items can accidentally fall, trucks can be involved in an accident, containers on ships move around on the high seas, roads with pot holes and the heat inside containers from tropical climate areas can all cause serious damage.

There is also the human risk factor in handling, loading and unloading. To prevent all these risk factors during an international move, Global Corporate Relocations only uses the best packing material available with the toughest packing boxes and well trained staff who only handle overseas moves.

Packing Supplies

Hard card cartons consisting of different sizes for different items including china, books, linen, hanging wardrobe cartons, chair cartons, lampshade cartons and picture cartons.

Silk papers for fragile chinaware and extra delicate items.

Hard backed bubble paper to protect furniture surfaces.

Bubble Plastic

Hard backed cardboard to protect corners.

PVC tape to cope with climate changes.

Stickers on every single item.

Especially made wooden crates for antique and high value items of furniture and paintings.

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