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We offer the following services


International Moving

With our online tracking service, you know exactly the where about of your personal effects with our MoveWare…

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We look for your house in your chosen destination, schools for your children, furniture rental, car registration…

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Residence and work permits, guides on your new destination, highest standard of consular services, visas etc…

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If you are thinking of moving to Spain or any other country. Having a good moving agent is the key to making the whole process as easy and simple as possible. At GLOBAL we will take care of all the necessary paperwork to organize your international move. Our relocation company en Spain will make it very easy for you to start your new life in a new country.

You don’t have to be alone in the arduous task of moving the furniture in your home or business to your new place. In fact, it is now much easier to find the professional that fits the budget you have in hand. Count on us through this guide to find the best moving agent in Spain.

Making a move does not have to be complicated, a moving agent can help you move the furniture from your old house to the new one. How to hire your agent? It is very simple! You just have to request information at GLOBAL and we will contact you.

Why do you need a moving agent to move to Spain?

Whether it is because you want to move to Spain or another country, a relocation service is essential to bring all your belongings that have an economic and sentimental value to your new home. Therefore, it is always advisable to have the services of GLOBAL as a relocation company in Madrid and a relocation company in Barcelona.

Our agents for removals in Spain not only helps you move your furniture, but also informs you about the legislation of the destination country. Our agents have extensive knowledge of immigration procedures and laws if you wish to move to Spain. In this way the process will be much simpler and more comfortable thanks to professional advice.