to move to spain

Moving to Spain could be the beginning of a new stage, a new and exciting project that begins with the search for a company specialized in removals in Spain with the material and personal capacity to manage and carry out international transfers.

Because make no mistake, moving is one of the most stressful and uncomfortable tasks when it comes to changing your place of residence.

Hence the importance of surrounding yourself with professionals and finding an entity like Global International, a relocation company in Madrid with more than 35 years of experience carrying out international removals. Because the work of an organization with extensive experience is key to the success of the different relocation operations.

Move to Spain

To achieve a successful move and help our clients moving to Spain, at Global we pay special attention to each and every one of the steps that must be carried out in transfers at a national and international level.

With a door-to-door service, we take care of collecting your objects and belongings at your current address and taking them to your new residence. We take care of packing and unpacking, paying special attention so that your items do not suffer any damage, so we offer you shipping insurance.

In addition, we take care of carrying out and carrying out the necessary procedures for customs clearance. In this way, you do not worry about the task of packing, as well as the processing of the transfer, so that you can take care of the really important things.

Move to Spain
Moving Spain

Global International: moving to Spain without worries

At Global we not only help you with the packing and transfer of your properties, we also offer relocation services through which we provide you with all the help you need to start life in a new country: home search, furniture rental, training intercultural and linguistic, school search or any other related issue.

In addition, if your case is not that of moving to Spain, but that you are going to live abroad, from Global International we will help you manage the different procedures such as the management of work permits, residences, guides on the new destination and any other consular service that you may need.

Moving to Spain

If your family’s goal is to move to Spain, surround yourself with the best to make your move easier. And those are the professionals at Global.

We do not say so, but all clients who are satisfied with our work have helped us to become the best-valued relocation company in the country, obtaining the highest score on Google.

To ask for your budget, you just have to indicate us the place of origin and destination, as well as the date and the number of rooms to be covered. Only in this way can we offer you personalized and professional advice so that the transfer is a success.

Moving to Spain